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My name is Alex Hess and I'm the creator of OneByte. I created OneByte to serve as personal documentation of my work in technology. I found that many of the projects I worked on had valuable information. In hopes to preserve that information I decided to catalog and document my experiences here. OneByte is an evolving project and I hope it helps others as in the process. If it doesn't help you I hope you enjoy reading the nonsense. - yours truly


Check out the projects I'm working on, and have worked on. From design to server migrations.

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Get your nix fix. Find projects and articles regarding linux/unix

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Path to a syslog

The path to a great syslog! My first full-fledged syslog deployment should be interesting, and an educational read for anyone who’s on a similar path. If you do not already know what a syslog is, I suggest you do some research. When you’re ready please come back.

Parallels RAS Remote Desktop Client – mass management

The ability to make mass changes to our kiosk mode workstations. We have hundreds of workstations with Parallels RAS installed on them in kiosk mode (their own shell). Parallels offers no direct method to mass update client settings or local applications. Applies for v14.x and 15.x.

How to setup Mesh – Ruckus Unleashed

I’m familiar with Ruckus equipment as I have them deployed in an enterprise environment with a controller. Fantastic products. Some executives needed solid wireless in their homes and I thought what better than an R500 ruckus WAP? A few months ago Ruckus released a consumer/SMB model, Ruckus Unleashed. My guess is this was designed for small companies starting off with no controller giving them the scaling option to add a controller at a later date as they grow.

Veeam 9.x PSSnapIn failure

ISSUE Installed Veeam 9 Backup and Recovery. Installed the Veeam Powershell after a couple days of demoing. When launching the Veeam powershell module via Veeam menu it opens1)http://forums.veeam.com/powershell-f26/how-do-you-even-get-powershell-to-work-with-veeam-t26429.html?hilit=icon#p137617p and works just fine. However when attempting to launch the Veeamssnapin using the command ‘Add-PsSnapIn VeeamPSSnapIn’ I received an error (below). As […]

Finding your linux version

Useful CLI commands that I’ve compiled in order to determine which flavor/version of Linux I’m running. Kernel: uname -r Distro: lsb_release -a Prints certain system information usually related to the kernel (-a is the ALL switch).


You can cat the /proc/version file:


cat the […]

Useful AIX 5.3 commands

Commands I’ve found using frequently. Change network adapter

mktcpip1)http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/P8DEA/p8hcg/p8hcg_mktcpip.htm can be used itself in CLI.   HA! Only 1 command! Notes & References   [ + ] 1. ↑ http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/P8DEA/p8hcg/p8hcg_mktcpip.htm

Useful PFSense commands

Here are some commands that I’ve compiled over my time working with pfsense. Description Command Reload the Firewall with all the configuration. This also restarts the webgui and sshd – but keeps the current ssh sessions active just as a regular sshd restart. /etc/rc.reload_all Manually edit the configuration in /conf/config.xml. […]

PFSense – won’t boot after power failure

Problem: I left on vacation and I left all my devices plugged in and online. During my absence the wonderful Florida power grid did it’s thing and intermittently decided to work. This brought my firewall down dirty and offline never to be seen again. Model: NetGate APU4 I had to […]

GUIDE and UniData structured files

GUIDE which can be run on the server that analyzes files, generates statistics and provides suggestions for optimizing file sizes and ensuring data integrity. While GUIDE is running, it will sit at the prompt, there’s no output while it’s working on true U2 files.

PFSense 503 – Service Not Available

Recently I attempted to log into a nanobsd pfsense 2.2.3 firewall webGUI. Was not having any issues with the firewall other than not being able to access the webGUI.

503 – Service Not Available